My Web Archives

Until I felt ready to use my name as my domain, I had a few websites and collaborated on or at least contributed writing to a few others.  This page will link to web archive versions of these sites, as well as highlight some of my biggest projects that these archives represent.

Here is a list of these older sites and a summary of their topics:

Rehumanizing.Us This began as a site about my publications and presentations on the humanistic intentions and etymology behind words including; Cyborg, Cybernetics, and technology.  It evolved to include my design work on wearable computing, games, installation, and some art. “I built this site to introduce my collaborations on spatial/interface design and exhibition development for museums, higher learning, and expositions. Here you can learn about recent work and my basis in non-fiction & experimental film/video, multi-linear digital art, theatrical space, lighting, & live performance, and art history/media theory.”

Other sites I pseudonymously contributed to:
Lightning Temple as R1B1 as robo
The Puddle as RoBo
Wasteland Weekend as Green Myst


Wearable Computers