Artist’s Statement

I augment original Fine Art and Performances with New Media; with influences from Visionary, Surrealist, Psychedelic, Pixelated, and Optical Art. I combine intentional research with an openness to found words, sounds, forms, materials, and textures. I gather, select, photograph, generate, and manipulate planar and spatial imagery, then print, adhere, and otherwise map values, colors, and patterns onto fabrications and assemblages. My interactive installations and kinetic sculptures often include lights, motors, sensors, and controllers embedded in objects to produce both programmed and emergent out-comes. I receive inspiration from visions, concepts, interests, objects, and processes. Writing also provides me with a model for distilling information that extends to my artistic workflow; comparing, and contrasting research, both logically and intuitively, to help identify certain connections I may then attempt to communicate.

Modern physics acknowledges that the act of observation itself affects the subject of an observation; which also applies to ephemera such as waking visions and dreams. As I observe fleeting clairvoyant visions, I must make quick compromises in seeing and recording overall forms or details. To me, creating art involves making constant editing decisions; passing over a potential mark, leaving negative space, inviting viewers’ own interpretations, or withholding entire pieces from a certain exhibition. I call attention to ways that unconscious editing is a constant process in human perception, whereby sensory data is constantly filtered and discarded before consciousness can behold it. Otherwise, our brains constantly make assumptions about any data that is perceived. Intuitively, I conceive of a sort of source code of universal creation, which can be unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, accessed before our data filters can divert it. The acts of receiving and expressing this data, constantly invert nature’s internal and external states, and this dynamic feedback engine perpetuates creation. I seek psychological, social, environmental, and spiritual clues to a unified source, to offer up the most ancient of reality models for integrating our experiences into. As an artist, I process these clues and embed them in my manifestations, to bypass or pause these perceptual filters, with the intent to offer experiences of their underlying unity itself.


Ross Bochnek is a Transdimensional Artist, Designer, and Multimedia Producer.   His digital paintings, cut paper, sculptures, installations and performances, combine new media production techniques with upcycled materials.   His style is influenced by Clairvoyance, Surrealism, Art Deco, Conceptual and Op Art aesthetics, goals,  and approaches.   He is a Transpersonal and Platonist philosopher and Hermetic Kabbalist.  Ross holds an MFA in Design & Technology with Dual Concentration in Multimedia and Physical Computing; and a BFA in Film, Photography, and Visual Arts.  He plays hand drums, synthesizers, digeridoo, and throat sings for sound healing and as a component to his art.